Thursday, December 29, 2011

Innocent thoughts-Why are you not lazy?

My son gave me a reason to smile this morning. Today was one of those rare days when he got up before me.

The six-year old, who is often reprimanded for being lazy, observed me get up in the morning, and start my morning chores immediately, and then sit on my computer to make some posts in my blogs. As he gets scolded every morning for lazing on the bed & delaying his morning chores, he had a questioning look on his face and finally asked, "Daddy, don't you feel lazy in the morning? How is it that you get up and get to work straightaway?"

I never miss these occasions to impart some knowledge to my son about the ways of the world. I told him that I have to get up early, and perform many roles - work on my blogs, go to office, go to the gym, attend my Part-time MBA classes and so on.

His next question was why was I performing so many roles. So, I explained that I was working hard to make more money and to give him a good life.

The next question was, "Why do they pay you money at office?" Again I had to explain that I get paid because I do the work in my department, and if I was not there, my boss would have to do all the work himself. As I was doing the work for him, what is it that I should get?

With the air of someone with all the worldly knowledge, came the answer from my young son, "Return gift"!