Thursday, October 9, 2008

Her name was Shiney

Her name was Shiney, and she was the cutest four-legged friend I had ever had. She was my friend, Ajay’s pet Doberman, and she would never fail to surprise us on every visit that we made to Ajay’s place. She loved to be loved, and would come running to me the moment I entered their home. She would always want me to stroke her head, which I would lovingly do, and the moment I stopped, she would tap my leg with her paw, indicating that I should continue stroking her head. If I sat on the floor, she would come running to me and rest her head on my lap. It was these impulsive actions that would make me visit Ajay’s place time and again.

One day, Ajay called me to say she was not eating anything, and wanted me to come over to try and feed her. I went to his place immediately but she refused to have anything to eat. It was later found that she had cancer, and she died within a few weeks. It was so painful to see her go. To this day, just the thought of her brings back a smile on my face.

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KAUSHAL said...

my friend is 2 legged
n no cancer till now