Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Desperate days

What an appropriate end to a bad day...was my first thought, as i lay on the road, right leg underneath my motorbike, right arm, right & left knees, ankles badly bruised. The helmet had rolled off, while 2 cops picked me up from the middle of the road to the footpath, and applied ice on my bruises. My fault was that i pressed the brakes a little too hard when i saw a man crossing the road on foot and suddenly he was sheilding himself from the headlights of my bike. i reacted immediately and the next thing i knew i was down, and smiling that sarcastic smile to myself. After all, it was not the best of days. Since yesterday morning, i was not feeling good - some strange depressing thoughts were creeping into my head, making me uncomfortable. My mind can play games sometimes, and it is difficult to pinpoint what exactly is bothering me the most, as there were several things that had got me upset and it was all building up. Wanted some fresh air, so decided to check the night breeze on my bike. I am lucky not to be in hospital. The pain has shifted- from mental to physical!

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